From the rising of the sun to its going down, the glory of God will be praised

Escape into reality; see the glory of God!

The above words from Psalms explain the purpose of this site and the reason for Dawn to Dusk's existence: to explore the glory of God. Our basic premise is that the mind and attributes of the One True God — the Creator of the universe, the God of all mankind, the Holy One of Israel, and the Father of Jesus Christ, in short, the God of the Bible — defy human ability to grasp in full. Doesn't it make sense that those who worship such an awesome Being should be nearly obsessed with probing His fascinating, entertaining, inspiring, infinitely-powerful and good mind?

Those who love the glory of God will want to hear His praises sung "from the rising of the sun to its going down". Dawn to Dusk seeks to contribute to this most worthy cause. Join us in the ultimate escape into reality — into the real world of the Almighty.

The time is coming when all mankind will joyfully study the glory of God in all its aspects (Hab. 2:14). Malachi foretells a time when, "from the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall be great among the nations". Right now the world desperately needs a revival of interest in the glory of God. Believers in the God of Scripture have opportunity now to enrich their lives and increase their faith in Jesus Christ and the Father through study of His Word and His Works.

Few today have either the time or the interest to really dwell on the meaty issues of life. If you have found this page, you have the interest. This site will provide you with a helpful resource, albeit not always hewing to the orthodox line.

We are convinced you will find Dawn to

Dusk publications truly thought-provoking and, we would like to hope, bordering on witty (at least on occasion). We guarantee you will sometimes disagree with what you find on this site, but we believe you will rarely be bored! This site contains much free material which is organized into three main categories:

  • Seeing God — learning more about Him from the works of His hands
  • Faith and Reason — probing the relationship between the two
  • Bible Teachings — rifling through Scripture's amazing treasure chest in search of new jewels

Saying the same thing in different words, this site is dedicated to,

  • Showing the glory of God
  • Building faith in God
  • Understanding the truth

You can find links to these three main categories of information in the icons to the right and in the floating navigation bar to the left.

In addition, we sell books and reprints on a variety of topics. For a list of available works, see Dawn to Dusk books.

May we suggest that you begin your survey of the fascinating material found on this site by checking out the latest of our weekly blogs (posted on Mondays whenever possible). It will give you a feel for the kind of material you will find on this site.

This site is not about people; it's about the infinitely good and infinitely great God, Who is worth many times more than all human beings put together, and about what He has done, is doing, and will yet do for mankind. Read on and escape into reality as you learn more about the glory of God.

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Want to understand better where Dawn to Dusk is coming from? These three offerings encapsulate the Dawn to Dusk mission:
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Rod McQueen

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