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Blogs are arranged according to the three fundamental categories dealt with in Dawn to Dusk publications, the most recent posting in each category appearing at the bottom of the list.


Seeing God

Faith and Reason

Bible Vignettes


Rethinking the Flood (Part two)
3rd January

Exalted above the heavens
17th January

The Flood: easily disproven?
24th January

Whale poop comes to the rescue
7th February

Two of every kind
14th February

As far as the heavens are above the earth
28th February

Farewell Adam and Eve?
7th March

Peregrinatin' trilobites
21st March

Spot the real Peter… and Paul
28th March

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani
11th April

And the waters were divided: but where?
25th April

Why God hates sin
18th April

Perfect planning
2nd May

On the trail of the “mountain of God”
9th May

Happy the child-killers?!
16th May

Petal power
23rd May

How did He do it?
31st May


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