Did you know that sperm whales can adjust their buoyancy with such precision that they can "float" at just about any depth? Or that in the frog world brainy boys are more than a match for brawny boys in winning the hearts of the opposite sex? Have you ever heard of birds that start stinking within hours, or less, of dying? (You wouldn't want one of them in your stewpot.)

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These are just a few of the examples of the kind of fascinating information you will find in Wild Kingdoms. This book contains sections on birds, mammals, plants, extinct creatures, microscopic creatures, bizarre relationships, and more. It covers everything from toadstools to killer whales. (Please note topics not yet finalized.) And it does so in an eminently entertainingly readable manner. The thorough research and sheer fascination of the creatures and their intriguing lifestyles unveiled ensure that even diehard evolutionists would enjoy Wild Kingdoms — if only they were willing to read it. Those who love God and Jesus Christ will marvel yet again at the endless ingenuity displayed by the Master's Handiworks.

"Wild Kingdoms" has a Scripture index for putting the passages mentioned in the book right at your fingertips. In addition, a glossary explains words that some readers may have difficulty with — no struggling with unknown terms.

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Please note that these topics are tentative. Final choice of topics has not yet been finalized.

1. Cuckoo doodle doo 2. Freddo's raucous chorus 3. Numbats: Stars with stripes
4. If you kill me I'll stink 5. Nangura: spiny skink extraordinaire 6. All the better to eat you with: killer whales
7. Terror birds 8. A whale of a head 9. Tiny crystal makers of the sea
10. Dinosaur delights 11. Owls: all the better to hear you with 12. Captivating koalas
13. Noodles on the tide 14. You-won't-believe stories 15. Freeze me solid: see if I care
16. Splashing success 17. Portia: the eight-legged harpist 18. Hearts of darkness
19. Big fish, little fish 20. Scorpions in the sand 21. Stowaways on the hummingbird express
22. The panda's tum 23. Marine snow

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