Building the Solomonic temple


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Shadow and Reality dares to deal with a topic that some Bible students avoid like the avian flu — why were shadow precepts instituted in ancient Israel, and what significance, if any, do they hold for the Christian pilgrim?

Questions raised and discussed include,

  • Which covenant promised that God would dwell among men in a temple — the Abrahamic or the Sinaitic?
  • What value does God Himself seem to place on shadows?
  • Does Scripture show that God despises animal sacrifice?
  • What do the priesthood, temple objects, and sacrifices symbolize?
  • What is the point of purity laws?
  • What realities are portrayed in the Sabbath and the biblical holy days?
  • Was David speaking figuratively when he spoke of dwelling in the temple forever?
  • Why did Jesus cleanse the temple if it was about to lose its significance?
  • What was Jesus' attitude to Old Testament shadows?
  • What does Colossians 2:16-17 mean?
  • What is wrong with popular shadow theory?
  • If a temple were built, should Christians take part in ceremonies conducted there?
  • What did the author of Hebrews mean when he said that shadows were “imposed until the time of reformation”?
  • Why will a temple be built during Jesus' millennial reign?
  • Will the millennial temple have the ark of the covenant in it?

This book is a must for all who want to understand what the Bible has to say on this vital and oft-misunderstood topic.

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1. The end of biblical ceremonies? 2. Shadows: trash or treasure? 3. Jesus and shadow laws
4. Animal sacrifice and God 5. Better than a thousand days 6. Fit for The King
7. From tent to temple 8. The Most Holy Place 9. The law of sacrifices
10. Blood of bulls and goats 11. The law of the priesthood 12. The law of the temple
13. The law of cleanness 14. Types and shadows 101 15. Tabernacle and temple typology
16. The Passion of Jesus 17. The riddle of purity rituals 18. Priesthood antitypes
19. The temple doomed 20. Shadow theory 21. Fulfilled in Christ?
22. Paul and shadow theory 23. Hebrews and shadows 24. Form and substance
25. Sacraments vs. shadows 26. Christians and shadow laws 27. Some closing thoughts

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