Many believe Bible writers were ignorant men living in a superstitious, primitive world. The Word of God, according to this notion, betrays a primitive, childlike outlook, especially in its scientific understanding. Aristotle and other Greek philosophers eventually struggled out of the mire of irrationality and delivered mankind from the darkness of ignorance into the blazing light of knowledge.

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Nothing could be further from the truth! Read Jacob's Multi-colored Dream Goats to find out how the Word of God was years ahead of its time in its philosophy and knowledge of science, and miles ahead of beliefs and superstitions of surrounding nations. This soft-cover book, available in two versions, blazes new trails, yet never strays from the path of solid research, sound biblical understanding, and clear exposition.

Jacob's Goats has a Scripture index for putting the passages mentioned in the book right at your fingertips. In addition, a glossary explains words that some readers may have difficulty with — no struggling with unknown terms.

This book also comes in an abridged version for those who would prefer an easier read. Some chapters are also missing in the abridged version.

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1. Jacob and his multi-colored dream goats 2. Battle for the Bible 3. Literalists and compromisers
4. Needed: new wineskins 5. Dead men tell tales 6. Was there life before Aristotle?
7. Myths of antiquity 8. Santa Claus in the computer age 9. Unholy troika
10. Oracle, oracle on the hill 11. Israel, myth, and magic 12. Israel: pacesetter among nations
13. Was scientific knowledge revealed? 14. The Bible: scientific drivel? 15. Law and order
16. Dust thou art 17. Pillars of the earth 18. To spin or not to spin
19. The host of heaven 20. Stars ain't stars 21. Rocks of ages
22. Sea secrets 23. Mud, lilies, and the Red Queen 24. For plant lovers
25. Fearfully and wonderfully made 26. Wonders of the weather 27. The sounds of silence

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